New York, New York…..There’s no city in the world like it. I grew up in the shadow of Manhattan, going to Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. When I was old enough to finally leave home, I knew I couldn’t afford to live in the city that I loved so much. I moved to Boston instead where I spent almost ten years, lamenting the lack of a decent slice of pizza or a real deli sandwich. I finally made it back home where I continued to enjoy a successful career, while my wife worked her way up in a small, but growing company. There’s no doubt that I was doing well for myself in NY; I had a great job running three kitchens in Manhattan and was living a train ride away from most of my friends and family. Aside from the closet, my wife and I lived in, we were pretty happy and satisfied New Yorkers with no plans to ever move away again.

That all changed somewhat during our first wedding anniversary, on a long weekend trip to Paris. We started to wonder what life would be like across the Atlantic, living a simpler life in the Old World. We would have relished a chance to live in the city of lights, and brush up on our French, but it was still just a dream. We returned to New York, missing our morning trips to the boulangerie, but otherwise content in our New York state of mind.

Within a month however, my wife’s constant talk about Paris got noticed by some in her company, and she was asked about the possibility of a transfer to the London office. It caught us a little by surprise, and the offer was anything but assured, yet the idea stuck and we began to slowly plan for the possibility. I was happy with my job, but the idea of a life abroad certainly had its appeals. As a chef, I knew that I could eventually find work anywhere in the world, and for my wife, it was the chance of a lifetime.

Eventually, things came through and we said goodbye to our friends and family in New York. We handled the paperwork for our dog Bowie to head overseas and left the world we knew behind for the excitement of the unknown. While I await a work visa, there is little I can do aside from cook at home and blog about it, but I love my wife and am glad to give her this great opportunity. For those of you in London, I hope that I will soon find myself a new kitchen relatively soon and be able to cook for you in person. I hope you all enjoy the blog and have a great time cooking through some of these recipes. As they say here in Great Britain, cheers!!!