I haven’t exactly figured out how to work this in yet, but the basic idea is that I’d like to organize different ideas, posts, quotations, books, music, film and other arts into categories loosely based on the human body. I came up with the idea when I heard that the Huffington Post was launching a new page called ” GPS for the Soul”. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an underwhelming compilation of self-help articles and shallow paths to happiness. To me, it came far short of what the title suggested, which I thought was a sort of road map, not to happiness per se, but to fulfillment and enlightenment.

For years I have committed myself to being a better human being, in whatever way I found possible, and not always successfully. I knew that there was no one book, musician, artist or philosopher that could bring that type of enlightenment to me, so I constantly sought out the pieces of the puzzle from everything and everyone around me. We all do this to some extent, and mostly it happens subconsciously, but I always wanted to create a way to amalgamate all that information, all the competing ideas and all the things I have learned in one place. That way I could look and trace the influences in my life and see the way my worldview has changed thanks to others who have already left their mark.

One of the most fundamental elements of our humanity, is that none of us live in a vacuum, and we are all influenced by the knowledge that has been chronicled, remembered and passed on from generation to generation. Our art, our words and our actions echo through eternity and inform those who have yet to come. Every person that lives is a pebble tossed in the pond of humanity; some of us leave ripples, others make waves, but we all have an affect on those around us.

These pages will be my little way of capturing the ripples and waves that have had an effect on my life. I’m sure many of you have been influenced by the same works or people, many of you probably have your own lists that are completely different. My list of ‘categories’ below is a simplistic way of categorizing those influences, but I think represents a broad based way of looking at our lives and the patterns we’ve created within them. Over the next few months I will attempt to post as many of my influences as possible and sort them into the appropriate categories. I hope you find this as interesting as I do and I hope we can all help each other grow as people. Let me know how the things I post have effected you or people you know; let me know if you have found the same answers elsewhere; and let me know if you think I’m completely wrong or brainwashed and I will do my best to seek out a counter point. At the very least, I hope to provide some fodder for your next conversation over dinner or drinks. Happy living everyone!

So far, my breakdown  for categories is as follows (let me know if I’m missing anything):

Head: Thought provoking; mental exercises; intellectually stimulating

Eyes: Visually powerful images; videos; photos; visual art

Heart: Dealing with human emotion and relationships; romantic

Soul: Metaphysical debates; religious and spiritual thought

Funny Bone: Absurdity, silliness and comedic perspectives on the human condition

Stomach: Thoughts on food & drink; how, what and why we consume what we do

Hands: Action oriented; works that encourage and promote activism

Legs: Adventurous and exploratory; travel; culture; anthropology

Feet: Our connection to the Earth; environmental philosophies