Many of you have probably seen your fair share of food and travel blogs, they go together really well and are a fairly natural combination. However, some of you are probably wondering, ‘how does philosophy fit into that mix?’ As is usually the case with philosophy, there is no simple answer and we may very well spend the next few months debating that very subject. You may also need to suspend your belief that philosophy only refers to that course you hated in college, or something that only old Greek men in togas did between naked wrestling matches. The fact is, most people pursue philosophy on a daily basis without even knowing it. There are of course a wide range of definitions, expositions and long boring lectures on the subject of what ‘philosophy’ is; but I think I will definine my own version right here:

Philosophy is humankind’s method of extracting wisdom from knowledge, and is the pattern by which we make sense of the world.

This page is dedicated to the idea that we have our best conversations over a good meal surrounded by interesting and vigorous people who each maintain their own living philosophy. When you travel, take the opportunity to eat in as many different places, with as many different people as you can find, and ultimately you will return home with a new sense of the world. Even stubborn people can walk away from a good meal with more than a full stomach, if only they make an effort. Hopefully, this page will give you some ideas or inspiration for your next meal-time conversation.